Being sad is not being depressed, Being depressed doesn’t mean clinical depression, Know the difference and make sure you talk about it. Depression and Anxiety are two different things, but at times after depression anxiety also starts to increase. Anyone is depressed and unable to express it themselves make sure you talk to them alone, […]

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Happy new year

I was a fan of new year, may be I still am one. But when the reality hits you, you cant choose live in a bubble of new start. The excitment over new year and the fact that most of world’s population celebrating this event, kept me thinking for the last week. I realised something […]

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The vicious cycle

The business around the Western medicine industry has grown so much all over the world. Eventhough the vitamin supplements doesn’t have any benefits to adults, it gets marketed all over the world. This industry spends alot on marketing, ironically a medicines’ value should be from its effects not by gimmicks. The system around it became […]

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Thought Leader

The more positivity I try to bring on my view on the society, the more I notice there ‚Äčare good people who care about the environment. It’s a great feeling to be around such people.  Most of them think they don’t have much to offer but they sure do want to do something. Something to […]

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Are we Self-aware?

We human spend large part of our acquaintances by judging others. Experts say we judge anyone new within 3seconds of meeting them. I’m not here to say whether that is right or wrong, but to explain, how can we use this trait to understand ourselves better, with an honest perception it might even be used […]

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The power of 0’s and 1’s

We live in digital era: Everybody lives on internet, sharing information faster and better. We literally have a copy of our existence in digital form. We are creating a civilization with digitally stored information. In a very high level, all of your devices store and process information with a help of a silicon chip as […]

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